This is Real Service

photoI talk about incredible service a lot on this blog and today I am going to write about service to our country. This past weekend I had the honor of witnessing a Change of Command at the U.S. Marine Base at Cherry Point, NC. My cousin, Lt. Colonel Tim Anderson was leaving his command as the Commander of the Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 366.  Tim is an outstanding American soldier who has served his country in many locations including Iraq, Djibouti Africa, and Liberia. The 366 has played an important role in Afghanistan and other parts of the world too.  Tim has also flown with his squadron on relief missions in Haiti, and Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.  His squadron’s most recent relief work was in New York and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.

LogoOn this beautiful May morning, I was so proud to be an American as I watched the Marine band march onto the tarmac accompanied by the officers and soldiers of the 366. Two C53 helicopters sat in the background and I was surrounded by the families and friends of the squadron. All the soldiers we encountered this day were so polite, so fit and so focused, just outstanding Americans! The formations were crisp and the music was quite stirring as the change of command ceremony unfolded. As the outgoing commander, Tim praised his fellow officers and soldiers for their tremendous dedication and loyalty to their work, and their service to our country. He spoke of the accomplishments of the squadron and his sense of honor to be their commander over the past 18 months. Tim ended his talk with a sincere thank you to his wife Stephanie and his daughter Sidney for their love and patience during his command.

Service comes in all shapes and sizes. For those of us in the business world, we certainly have our long days and stressful situations as we serve our clients but our careers are seldom 24/7/365.  The fine folks in our military live and breathe their jobs each and every day.050904-N-5345W-063

There is no service more important than service to the greatest country on this planet, the United States of America.  I am grateful for the men and women that serve in our military so that we may enjoy the freedom of being an American!

Thank you Tim! I am so proud to call you family!


Bob Lipscomb


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