Finding Purpose in our Work







I know all of us from time to time ask the question, “Is my work important?  Does my work have purpose?” I was reminded this morning that it does! 

With six of my fellow team members from Williams Company, I attended the 19th annual Prayer Breakfast hosted by the YMCA of Central Florida. The President of the YMCA, Jim Ferber, welcomed the one thousand guests who had gathered for an early morning breakfast and to hear Barry Black, the current U.S. Senate Chaplain speak. Before Dr. Black spoke, Teresa Jacobs, the Orange County Mayor and Barbara Jenkins, the Superintendent of Orange County Schools offered prayers for our community and a commitment to our youth. 

The YMCA and Orange County Schools are partners and clients of our company and it hit me that part of the reason that we have such strong relationships with these two organizations is that our values are very similar.  As I heard Dr. Jenkins and Jim Ferber talk about their commitment to improving the lives of our youth, I realized that in a small way our company was a part of that commitment.  As I think back on the schools and facilities we have completed for OCPS and the YMCA, I thought of the beautiful buildings, the brilliant green fields and the new technology that we were a part of.  Seeing those smiling faces that first day back to a new school or new athletic facility is a real treat for our team! It makes me realize that what we do at Williams Company is important to our community, and is important for future generations.

As I ponder Holy Week and the arrival of Jesus on a donkey into Jeruselum, I have often wondered about the man who supplied the donkey that Jesus rode that fateful week.  We don’t really know who the donkey vendor was, but he did exist, and he did play an important role. Sometimes I think our company is similar to this man.  We don’t really seek accolades for our good work and it may be hard to understand our full purpose, but it is important work.  It is important work for our clients, and their mission in this world, and it is important for defining a purpose for the fine folks that call Williams Company a home.

Bob Lipscomb

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