Small Acts of Random Kindness

I read a book many years ago that had the statement, “Small random acts of kindness are the most powerful force on earth.” That statement has stuck with me, and brings to mind what the world might look like if everyone was just a bit more kind. There is another saying that is one of my favorites, “You have not lived a perfect day until you have done something for someone, who you know can never pay you back.”

Both of these thoughts focus on serving others. Our world is often based on, “What’s in it for me?” yet I have found that the happiest folks I know are outwardly focused people, who focus on others, not themselves. I think it still comes down to the universal law, the more you give, the more you receive.

The opportunity to help people presents itself to each of us every day. Taking the time to say a kind word, offer a listening ear, open a door, give a hug or give a buck to the guy on the corner all can bring great rewards.

Bob Lipscomb

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