Good Old Fashioned Service

One of the things I hate most in life is moving.  So after personally moving my recently graduated daughter twice in the last 18 months, I decided that this third move from Texas back to Florida would involve a moving company. I did the obligatory 5 bids from various companies.  What I found was a wide range of prices and services.  They all promised the “Best experience” in the industry. I followed up each quote with a Google search about reviews of their companies.  This internet thing is great!  As suspected, many of the companies had some good reviews, and some not so good reviews.  Actually several of the companies received horrible reviews.

I decided to pick the company that had the highest rated reviews, and also had a strong reputation in the industry.  I wanted a no hassle experience. As a side note, the company I picked was also not the cheapest.

I flew my best Lieutenant (my wife Chris) out to ride herd on any difficulties that may occur with the moving company.  Like a good superintendent, she would set strong direction on the move and bark out a few good orders when the movers went astray.   So when I called late in the day to hear that everything went well, with just a few minor hiccups, my response was: “Really?”

My wife Chris said, “Yes there was an issue of getting the truck into the parking lot, and yes they had to get a local mover to help with a different truck, but Lance and Mike took care of everything! They kept saying that these things happen all the time, lady, and don’t worry we will take care of you. It’s all going to be all right. And we will keep you posted on our progress and we will call you to confirm our delivery date and time.” And so it was.

I met Lance and Mike at the other end of the move. Lance was a 37-year veteran of the company and Mike had been there for 25.  They had logged more miles coast to coast than you can imagine.  They also were two of the most upbeat guys imaginable! Mike is a New Yorker with a thick accent and he greeted me with a “How you doooing?” and “You got yourself two great ladies!”  Lance was a quieter type, but very professional and efficient.  These two guys were not spring chickens but to watch them move over the next two hours hauling stuff up to the second floor apartment, you would have thought they had the best job in the world!  Mike was constantly whistling, smiling and gabbing, “Forward, never straight. You OK back there? Man this place is beautiful, just beautiful!  I like working with nice people like you!” It was a really amazing thing to watch!  Here was a job that I absolutely hated, and here were two guys that had been moving clients for decades, that had made a decision each day to embrace good service and a good attitude! As far as I knew, Mike and Lance owned the company!

As I look at this experience and think about our company, there are a lot of similarities. First and foremost, the people you have on your team are the most important thing.  How is their attitude?  Can they solve problems quickly?  Are they reliable?  Are they experts at what they do? Here at Williams Company we are blessed with a team that has all of these attributes! Our folks also really understand that incredible customer service is the most important part of our business!  Those first and final impressions are critical! All the little things really matter!

Good old-fashioned service!  More important than ever!

Bob Lipscomb

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