A New Linear Trend on the Way?

For the past 5 years, the Real Estate & Construction industries have been devastated by declining property values, lack of available funding, and lack of new potential development opportunities due to the downtrodden economy.  During this time period, I attended many national and regional conferences in association with The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).  […]

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This is Real Service

I talk about incredible service a lot on this blog and today I am going to write about service to our country. This past weekend I had the honor of witnessing a Change of Command at the U.S. Marine Base at Cherry Point, NC. My cousin, Lt. Colonel Tim Anderson was leaving his command as […]

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Service for All

Today was Administrative Assistant’s Day and the Leadership staff here at Williams Company was honored to serve our ladies with a special breakfast!  This was no bagel and a cup of Joe breakfast.  It was white linen table clothes, fresh cut flowers, fine china and Waterford Crystal! The “made to order” breakfast included eggs any […]

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Finding Purpose in our Work

          I know all of us from time to time ask the question, “Is my work important?  Does my work have purpose?” I was reminded this morning that it does!  With six of my fellow team members from Williams Company, I attended the 19th annual Prayer Breakfast hosted by the YMCA […]

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All You Really Have Is Your Name…

I have just finished reading Tyler Hamilton’s book The Secret Race. Tyler was one of the top cyclists in the world a few years back and was on Lance Armstrong’s US Postal team in the late 1990’s.  Lance, as most of you know, went on to win 7 Tour de Frances. Tyler and most of […]

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Small Acts of Random Kindness

I read a book many years ago that had the statement, “Small random acts of kindness are the most powerful force on earth.” That statement has stuck with me, and brings to mind what the world might look like if everyone was just a bit more kind. There is another saying that is one of […]

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Ask “Dumb” Questions!

The fear of asking “dumb” questions has undoubtedly led to some of the most notorious failures in recent history.  I’m sure if you really analyze any major business failure, you will find that somewhere along the lines someone had a hunch that things were in trouble, or were not what they seemed to be on […]

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